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  by, D Hunter
  This is the story of two men whose lives crossed in a gang infested city- Chicago.
Dave, back in jail, saw Treach as a way out. Treach saw Dave as another pawn in his ambiguous plan to use religion as a front for his criminal enterprise. Caught in a web of lies, his world starts falling apart.
Unfortunately for Dave, his decision causes a chain reaction involving everyone that he comes in contact with. Even Maria, Dave’s girlfriend, becomes another pawn for Treach, whom coldly used her and then abandoned her to her fate. The couple becomes not only interchangeable, but unrecognizable along the way.
Dave soon learns that his fate is held in one man's hands. The same man that he has grown to loathe. By the time reality dawns on him, it is too late; fate has already determined the outcome.
In a sphere where love cannot overcome hate, Dave seemingly gained the world, but somehow lost his soul in the process. And so the story begins...

 by, D Hunter
 Gully, Gutter, and J.T. have their own swag and agenda. One that others try to imitate on their trail, that is full of murder, twisted love, jealousy, envy, and greed. They call themselves 'The Goons', and they live that life. Not only do they live by it, but they are ready to put their life on the line for it. A course of events follow the trigger happy trip that set their native city of Tampa, Florida ablaze. Where there is a will to make it to the top of the food chain, sometimes the violent nature that arise in the name of survival catch up to you; even when you bow out of the game after you get your take. 
Will the streets be blind and unforgiving, or will they be granted a pass to exit the game?
by, D Hunter
 Miami Florida Vacation spot to the star's and home to some of the world's most rich and famous.
The city threatened after a renowned, local dealer is brutally murdered but the Dade County police.
It is known that is a contract hit, and the force carried it out. Thadeus son Trap, feels that he is heir to the throne, and tries to claim his inheritance. As young Trap stumbles blindly, trying to maintain his personal life along with balance and order in the streets, Thadeus brother, Murdock is determined to find out who called the hit, and why his brother was assassinated. In a parallel world where nothing is as it seems, both men soon realize that the challenges that they face are deeper than they imagined, and the hidden secrets that are found are detrimental enough to threaten the life of anyone who knows the forbidden truth. 
by, D Hunter
 Trap has failed miserably trying to continue the reign of his father's cartel. Unsuspected rivalries, would be prospects, along with certain family members thwarted his plan to dominate the game. Murdock is steadily trying to unravel the mystery behind his brothers murder as him and Trap soon realize that friends easily turn to foes and sometimes blood is no thicker than water. It is known that the game is not meant for everybody. The question now on everyone's mind is, will young Trap step up to the plate or just become another statistic in a long line of could-have-beens in a place where only the strong survive, and you should always expect the unexpected.
by, D Hunter
Devon and Nikia are both hungry and ready to do whatever it takes to make it to the top. Along the way, one finds true love, and the other stumbles along the heartaches and pains that come along with it. 
Rob Lowe, their mentor in the game, successfully put the trigger-happy duo in the place that they desire to be, but as everyone, he has an agenda of his own. 
Enter Guy Turner, the crooked, redneck sheriff of their small town in Florida. Guy Turner's only ambition is to feed his greed and extort minorities with his imperial rule and racial antics. 
As Devon and Nikia stumble along blindly, trying to find a way to secure their big city dreams, there are people on every corner trying to thwart their plan and take away what they’ve shed blood, tears, and heartache to obtain. In a place where only the strong survive, death awaits them on every corner. The only question that remains is, will Devon and Nikia succeed or fall victim to the selfish intent that leaves them open? Love betrays the pair, but it is also love that helps to lead the way.