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 Do you trust me? In theory, would you release unto me all of your inhibitions? Would you answer my query, or remain leery? Walked through the fire and the fury, the fire and the fiery. Should I make them fear me or hear me? Knowing that no one ever listens until my mind goes missing, then... I am the only one to blame, not the provoker, but the provoked!

  D Hunter Books is a Limited Liability Corporation that I have built from the ground up in a effort to solidify my dreams. It is this accomplishment/achievement that I intend to use as a forum for all of those lost inside of their own personal struggles, trapped inside of circumstances, or left feeling without hope. In REAL LIFE, nothing ever portray the visuals that Warner Brothers displays to capture our imagination. 

  I am a realist, with broad views that I would like to share with those who have an ear to hear, and the courage to adhere. It is my intent to not only open certain awareness, but to also serve a cause in the evolution of time, and mankind. At one point or another we must all come together to serve to be a reason for someone else, or of our own be the master of your own destiny. I welcome all to leave your rose colored glasses at the door, and step into the untampered realm of your inner inhibitions as we journey through this reinvention of Life together.