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To whom much is given, much is tested: D. Hunter A Proverb
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                 Welcome to D. HUNTER BOOKS LLC. 
   I  D. Hunter am a “true” representation and reflection of The Game itself. I was born and raised in the struggle, and have conquered a many of personal battles, goal, and achievements in this game that we ALL play called Life. Even though my own story is yet to be told I have penned many novels that tell a story inside itself, and legends of its own. My ultimate goal is to continue to meet the day to day challenges’ that we ALL face and to continually rise to the occasion and beat these odds. Not only do I intend to share great stories, but I also plan to interact, build bridges, and establish bonds along the way. I encourage each of you who take an interest to look for the cryptic messages and meanings inside of my verbiage. Let us all come together in unison for the same common cause and purpose. To live inside of the mind, dreams, and the aspirations of a man who desperately search for the profound meaning of LIFE. Join me in my quest, and let us find the answers together. ~ D. HUNTER